Two years…

Its been two years since i’ve made a post here. That is utterly insane! It’s easy to get distracted on the internet and I swear the biggest distraction of all is Facebook. What would life without Facebook be like? I would put money on that I would be thousands of times more productive. You open up the internet, you open a few tabs and it’s almost a guarantee that the first thing you will open will be Facebook.


I like the idea of social networking. I like the idea of staying in touch with my friends and keeping each other updated on what we’ve been doing – but to many people, Facebook is an obsession. They’re addicted.


A more interesting model of social networking is Google+. My circles in G+ are generally based around the Open Source community, Linux, Chrome OS and Web Design. A few close friends are there too which is awesome, but Google + helps encourage productivity in a way Facebook never has done so.. is it a time to commit Facebook Suicide?


We’ll see if I have the balls!