Time for a change.

When I was a kid, I built websites. Mainly websites for my bands, a wrestling e-fed I used to run (I forgot about that) and another for a digital label I used to run. But then I stopped.

I had no formal IT qualifications – mainly because when I went to school, studying was the last thing on my mind, but I always knew what I was doing… or could at least bluff it.

After being a personal triner for a few years and my current stint in the Civil Service.. which is more boring than you can possibly imagine, I have started some courses with Codecademy and Treehouse for web design and front end web development.  Because I knew the basics of HTML when I was younger, the first couple of weeks had been a refresher on what I knew already, but jesus these websites are phenomenal.  Codecademy is free and Treehouse is $25 per month, but well worth it.

So begins my own self taught education into the web. I’ve been learning for a month or so and its been awesome. Lets see if I can make a career change!


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