So it turns out, if you missed Numskull – you missed Numskull

Yeah, here we go. It’s sad and it’s exciting all at once – but personally for me it’s hard not to be a bit sad.

Jamie, John and Mark came down to Simsie Manor (my tiny apartment) on Saturday to have a few drinks, write some new songs and figure out where we were going. It was pretty clear very quickly that this was not going to be Numskull from 4-8 years ago. John and Mark had some amazing songs and I cranked out a killer that’s been bugging me since about 2007. We started writing and arranging and what came out wasn’t pop punk anymore. 

This is serious punk rock. It’s heavy, fast and more importantly – it’s well written. Gone are the twiddly bits and three chords and in comes powerful riffs and kick ass choruses.

We couldn’t put these songs in the same set as ‘I Think You Made My Brain Hurt’ and ‘Beauty Queen’, so we decided to change the name and start from scratch.

It’s hard for me to let go of Numskull as I was always so attached to the idea of the band. It’s hard not to love four clueless idiots who just want to have some fun. There’s a whole innocence thing around Numskull – nothing to hide, we are who we are now please give me a beer. I guess the whole Numskull thing was an extension of our personality – and that’s why I never let go.

Fear not though, you ruffians! Our new band (We have a name. We even have an album title. I’m just not telling you.) isn’t going to be that far away and while i’m sad about Numskull being put on ice – for the moment anyway, talk to me again in 4 years, i’m excited beyond belief to show everyone what else your four lovable rogues have to offer. We’ve got some great ideas, some great sounds and I can’t wait to show you.

To the few of you that loved my pop punk, don’t worry.. I have a lotta songs. I think i’m gonna need a second band.


Ooh yeah – welcome to my new blog.